First Baptist Church of Locust
Monday, July 23, 2018

Prayer Request






Please Pray For….. Church Family:
Virginia Eudy, Jane Voncannon, Fran Little, Roxie Irby, Marie Wallace, Djunna Wellman, Jim Freeland, Dale & Lynn Austin, Scott Huneycutt, Jerry Huneycutt, Don & Beverly Oberlies, Mary Lou Stewart, Wayne Eudy, Jordan Hillenbrand, James Mullis, Barbara Furr, Debra Porter (Stanly Regional)
Church Shut-ins:
Ruby Tucker, Betty Porter, Brian Voncannon,, Pauline Almond,  Clara Huneycutt 
Congregational Friends:
 Annie Price, Alan Linker, Carol Bishop, Daphne Sykes, Carolyn Gonzales, Adam Fink, Steve Guptil, Larry Barnette, Charles Connell, Lisa Eudy, Gary Martin, Elaine Paige, Perk Wellman, Debbie James, Raegan Barbee, Willie Chadwick, Shannon Trull, Crystal Barbee, Juanita Huneycutt
 ***To keep the Congregational friends list up-to-date, we will remove all names at the end of each month. If you have someone that needs to stay on the list, please contact the Church Office by the last Wednesday of each month.
 Nursing Home Loved Ones:
 Wilbert Almond (Brookdale-Churchill Mooresville)
 Mildred Talley (The Trinity Place) Debra Porter (Mt. Pleasant House) Virginia Eudy (The Trinity Place)
Please remember these with a card or a visit.
Remember Our Military:
Cameron Huneycutt, Dillon Dail,
Noah Barbee, Chris Lyons, Kimberly Brunk,
Jeremy Huneycutt, Mark Mulligan, Caleb McCoy,

Daniel Morton, Michael Edwards, Jessee Miller, Daniel Kerr 




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