First Baptist Church of Locust
Monday, March 30, 2020
320 South Central Ave
Locust N.C. 28097
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Back To The Basics


These are some extraordinary days we're going through right now. Everyone's "normal" has been turned upside down. But, if I've learned one thing over the past 28 years as a Pastor it's this ... Extraordinary days give extraordinary opportunities to extraordinary people. Please don't look at this as a time of fear or panic, but rather as a time to let the light of Jesus shine through every believer to a world that has been suddenly made aware of the darkness that surrounds them. 

Here is our plan ... it's not perfect, but we will tweak it as we go. With the newest guidelines from governing officials and the healthcare community, we are limiting our groups that gather to 50 (maybe 10 by the end of this week). That means that your Connect Group (aka "Sunday School Class") will become your new way of gathering. I will be working with our Connect Group Leaders (Sunday School Teachers) to organize their groups to meet at some point during the week, 

either in a member's home or in a room at the church. Nancy and I, along with our Media Team, are working feverishly to produce a prerecorded "worship service" that you will be able access in your groups, at home on our church web page, or on Facebook (my page or the church's page) anytime during next week starting this Sunday morning at 11:30am. 

This is a great opportunity for you to invite your lost friends, neighbors, co-workers, and family members to join you in your home for worship! They are as scared as you are, but the difference is, they don't have Jesus to bring them peace in the midst of the storm. So don't be afraid to let the light and love of Jesus shine through you! I want you to be safe, but not scared. I want you to be healthy and not panic-stricken. Most of all, I want you to continue your spiritual growth in Christ Jesus and not allow the circumstances around you to cause you to take your eyes of Jesus!

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 Pastor Tommy Ross  


If you know a shut-in without internet access let the Church office know and we will bring them a CD or call John Sloop at 704-888-0110.








                                                                                       All of us need hope, especially when life seems so overwhelming.

                                                                                Take a few minutes to watch this short video to learn how you can find hope

                                                                                          in this trying and troubled world. click here for video  









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